Semantic versioning has never versioned Semantics!

If you changed the sort() implementation from MergeSort to QuickSort, do you up the major version?

My rants against SemVer are famous. Here’s a meta-rant: Semantic Versioning is broken at a higher level than what it does. It doesn’t version semantics (meaning, behavior, effect, outcome), but rather versions binding signatures (basically any linking, loading, IDE-calling, etc. won’t error when binding.)

The semantic meaning of semantic versioning is itself gaslighting. At best, it should be called SigVer (Signature Versioning).

It doesn’t version “interfaces”, which may have a more concrete runtime contract expectation.

For example, consider the difference between the two:

// V1.0.0
function sort(arr int*, len int) {
// Do sort here

Now, suppose we realize people are passing in nil pointers, so we add a type-check.

// V1.0.0
function sort(arr int*, len int) {
if (NULL == arr) {
// error, panic, change signature?
   // Do sort here

This is interface versioning. The agreed-upon contract is now changed. How is this communicated to a caller? Major version? Minor Version? Patch Version?

If you don’t think about this, then you could get away with patch version, because the binding is compatible.

The problem is far deeper than merely changing an interface contract. What happens when we change the one thing Semantic Versioning promises to version: Semantics?

What if in one version, the function sort(arr struct*, len int, cf compareFunc*); is implemented using a MergeSort, and in the later version, using a QuickSort? All sorts of unit tests and data justify this change — this is reliable, safe, and you can stand behind it.

For a moment ignore the debates around side-effects and performance. Look at this consumer code:

struct home {
city char*
state char*
function SortAlphaByState(homes (struct home *), len int) {
    // Let's sort by city first
sort(homes, len, compareByState)
    // Let's sort by state (preserving city-ordering)
sort(homes, len, compareByCity)

MergeSort is a stable sort. QuickSort is usually not.

The Semantics have changed. This has major downstream implications to business logic, airlines, space craft and all the mission-critical stuff we want to defend.

Do you bump up Major version? Minor Version? Patch Version?

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