Calling deco at the first Deco Stop

Disclaimer: These numbers are most certainly “WRONG!” You should NOT use this post or anything from a random only tool to plan or execute dives. You WILL get bent. Not “may”, but WILL. You know this. DO NOT rely on this tool. Here’s a scenario that should never happen, but to quote the eloquent Mr. Mackey, “ThereContinue reading “Calling deco at the first Deco Stop”

Recipes to play with “No Deco Limits”

For a technical, philosophical and every other view on No-Deco limits, go to scubaboard. First let me elaborate on why the mathematical model is important and how to play with it. Models allow reverse engineering (fitting) This post is about understanding the mathematical model in terms of the NDLs we know and use. One of theContinue reading “Recipes to play with “No Deco Limits””

Dive Planner Recipes

This is really for my personal reference. If it helps you, I’m glad. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote this tool ( You can go read the history, motivation, etc. on that page and the github repo ad nauseum. NOTE: Why is this important/useful? Don’t computers tell you how much deco you should do?Continue reading “Dive Planner Recipes”

Scuba Diving tools

At some point I made a page to document random scuba tools I build/will-build/want-to-build/want-others-to-build. The last part is a bit tricky. I want many things – and asking others to build something is painful. You don’t always get what you want. You don’t always like what you get. You don’t always get what you want,Continue reading “Scuba Diving tools”