Convert between Docker Registry Credentials, K8s Image Pull Secrets, and config.json live

Generating registry secrets for Kubernetes is cumbersome. Extracting creds or updating the secret is annoying. Generating config.json is painful. But we need to do it all the time!

I frequently generate service accounts in our private image hub for various tests. Generating config.json is cumbersome. Injecting that into a kubernetes cluster as a registry secret (for use as a ImagePullSecrets on a Pod) is hard. Single-character errors can lead to a cryptic ImagePullErr. On a swarm, it’s worse. The tasks just won’t spin up mysteriously.

It is even more painful when working with customers, and you are behind an email-wall at worst, or a slack-wall at best. Both terrible for preserving formatting.

So I whipped up this tri-directional live converter. You can add/edit credentials on the left-most side, and a config.json as well as Kubernetes Secret is generated live (which you can save to a file, and inject using:

kubectl create -f <savedfile.yaml>

However, you may also post a secret you obtained out of Kubernetes by running:

kubectl get secret <secret> --output=yaml

Or you can edit config.json directly. This is incredibly useful when you have a secret that contains authorizations to say 10 registries, but you want to revoke 3 of those.

You can remove those registry entries out of config.json, and the kubernetes yaml will be updated automatically to reflect that.

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